There are endless possibilities for cookie designs, so please contact me for ideas that can be specialized to the theme of your event.

Cookie Pricing

Prices are per dozen. These are my general guidelines, start your order to get a more accurate quote.

Price Estimates Mini*
(2 inches)
(3-5 inches)
Basic $15.00 $36.00
Detailed $30.00 $42.00
Elaborate $36.00 $48.00

*Minis: 2 dozen minimum

Regular: 1 dozen minimum

Basic = 1-2 colors, simple design, basic details
Detailed = 3-4 colors, simple details
Elaborate = 5+ colors, lots of detail

(white is not considered a color)

*Gluten free – additional .50 per cookie

*While all my baking tools are sanitized regularly, I do use all the same tools for everything I bake, therefore I cannot guarantee no cross-contamination of gluten.

This chart is meant to give you a basic idea of pricing, prices could vary depending on the complexity of the design. Please contact me with your cookie theme, amount needed (or number of guests to serve if  you’re unsure) and pick up date and I will provide a more accurate quote.